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Any one who is desirous and quite mature to handle Cosmetic Chemicals carefully, can learn these Soap and Cosmetic courses. Thus our students may be

School Going Students

College going Students

Working ………………. From simple job to gazetted officer.

Non Working: Even housewives can equip themselves with a veryt precious professional knowledge of soap or cosmetic making and smartly earn to manage their domestic budget or make financially secure future.

  Not any special qualification but can easily understand Hindi or English. Yes, no educational / professional degree for this course.
  1. CSDO’s all courses of soap & cosmetic are rarely available, informative & have a balance between theory & practical. Class size is small for individual attention to ensure professional expertisation in a particular course.
  2. CSDO was established in 1995 with the motive of self employment or offering employment. 16 years of teaching experience & the rich experience is a great ingredient for successful teaching.
  3. CSDO has specialization in various courses through top most professionals.
  4. CSDO believes in learning while doing. The students learn after doing practically & get perfection.
  5. CSDO’s experienced and skillful Instructor, capable of handling all of your question and concerns.
  6. CSDO’s precious detailed practically tested handouts is provided to utilize students, each and every minute of the learning session.