Low Investment Business

Today the latest trend seen in dynamic people are that they want to quit their 9-5 job and start up their own business, but due to the high competition in start-ups people are falling short of ideas and feel the need to high capital investment to prove profitable.

It is in hand of any individual to start a business either by sitting at home or choosing a small factory set up with technology and machinery. This can be started by anybody college students, housewives, young people for a wish to earn money by working few hours a week such people are typically suited for small investment business.


The key to reaching out to customers in this digital age and an integral part of any business is the social media platform. Low investment business also required marketing like any other business and the best way to start is with social media. Using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and much more to reach your targeted audience, do not wait for the business to start and then start marketing.

Your target audience needs to know what exactly you’re doing for them to buy your products. There is no charge for creating an account or pages for your business. Understanding your target market and planning the posts according to your business can be a motivating head start for you.


much low investment businesses including candle making, soap making, bakery items, cake making, detergent making, spices making, etc. can initially be used for test marketing and also to promote your product you can find free selling platforms, this will help your product get a better exposure and when customers come in contact with the product and like it,

they will definitely come buy it. Also, in low investment business bartering could be the deal for you. You can collaborate with agencies and other companies that can help you manufacture the product and also help you promote it.


Utilizing low-cost services could help you throughout, but there will be a few times where you should not be giving up on a few services, as they might help your business to grow and nurture.

For example, you plan on starting a home made soap making business, and you get an opportunity to put up your stall in one of the grand exhibitions where thousands of people would know about your work and brand, you should go ahead and incur expenses like these that would help you grow your business as well as earn profits.


Craft & Social Development Organization can be your first step of starting a low investment business from home. With 28 years of experience, CSDO provides orientation as well as material and all the other support one requires starting up their low investment business.

They provide training as well as material for soap making, pickle making, candle making, chocolates making, detergent making, confectionary and other baking items.  Once you are trained from the best institute and have good quality products you are good to start off!


Every business must be really alert to any of the potential hazards that can be caused at any time, hence taking precautions must be the top most priority for you instead of incurring losses. One of the most important is to be able to understand the financials of the company, while most businesses have various accounts. Low investment business also has financials and maybe some complex ones. Another important aspect of precaution taking has disaster plan; not all disasters can come across in the natural forms, some can come in a way that can harm your business. There Plan B should always be in place.


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