Low Investment Business

Today the latest trend seen in dynamic people are that they want to quit their 9-5 job and start up their own business, but due to the high competition in start-ups people are falling short of ideas and feel the need to high capital investment to prove profitable.

It is in hand of any individual to start a business either by sitting at home or choosing a small factory set up with technology and machinery. This can be started by anybody college students, housewives, young people for a wish to earn money by working few hours a week such people are typically suited for small investment business.


The key to reaching out to customers in this digital age and an integral part of any business is the social media platform. Low investment business also required marketing like any other business and the best way to start is with social media. Using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and much more to reach your targeted audience, do not wait for the business to start and then start marketing.

Your target audience needs to know what exactly you’re doing for them to buy your products. There is no charge for creating an account or pages for your business. Understanding your target market and planning the posts according to your business can be a motivating head start for you.


much low investment businesses including candle making, soap making, bakery items, cake making, detergent making, spices making, etc. can initially be used for test marketing and also to promote your product you can find free selling platforms, this will help your product get a better exposure and when customers come in contact with the product and like it,

they will definitely come buy it. Also, in low investment business bartering could be the deal for you. You can collaborate with agencies and other companies that can help you manufacture the product and also help you promote it.


Utilizing low-cost services could help you throughout, but there will be a few times where you should not be giving up on a few services, as they might help your business to grow and nurture.

For example, you plan on starting a home made soap making business, and you get an opportunity to put up your stall in one of the grand exhibitions where thousands of people would know about your work and brand, you should go ahead and incur expenses like these that would help you grow your business as well as earn profits.


Craft & Social Development Organization can be your first step of starting a low investment business from home. With 28 years of experience, CSDO provides orientation as well as material and all the other support one requires starting up their low investment business.

They provide training as well as material for soap making, pickle making, candle making, chocolates making, detergent making, confectionary and other baking items.  Once you are trained from the best institute and have good quality products you are good to start off!


Every business must be really alert to any of the potential hazards that can be caused at any time, hence taking precautions must be the top most priority for you instead of incurring losses. One of the most important is to be able to understand the financials of the company, while most businesses have various accounts. Low investment business also has financials and maybe some complex ones. Another important aspect of precaution taking has disaster plan; not all disasters can come across in the natural forms, some can come in a way that can harm your business. There Plan B should always be in place.


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Home Based Gift Wrapping Business With Low Investment

Winning hearts by gift-wrapping is not very difficult. Gifting is the one gesture people all around the world love. It is not only used to express love and affection but presenting gifts brings joy to the givers and helps to build strong relationships. It’s unbelievable, but this industry has evolved and emerged strongly over the past few years. With the increase in competition in this industry, the players are providing various gift-wrapping services. This idea is small and can is a home based business idea that is continuously gaining a lot of potentials. The gift-wrapping business has emerged a strong home-based business.

Craft and Social Development Organization that is situated in Delhi offers the best gift packaging courses all over India. With the best teaching techniques, CSDO has now established a name for itself all around India. Gift Wrapping is a low investment business and hence creativity and innovation can only help such a business prosper. CSDO trains you how to pack gifts using various techniques, decorative items, colourful ribbons, glitters, tags sticker and much more.

How to start a home-based business?

If you are planning on starting off your own home-based business, then gift-wrapping is the most appropriate option; it is ideal if you don’t have a lot of initial capital to start the business. Gift wrapping business has a lot of potentials to generate a lot of profits and it proves to be promising because the trend of presenting gifts will never die out, rather this sector has become even more organized. This business is emerging as one of the most exclusive business concepts, even for the aspiring entrepreneurs that have taken the route of even franchising their gift-wrapping brands. Undoubtedly this industry is still in its nascent stage, but now it is expected to emerge as the most lucrative business opportunity for people.

How to start a gift-wrapping business?

Starting the gift wrapping business can be rewarding if you are planning on starting a new business from home. Additionally, you will help to add to the seasonal cheer that people have by assisting them to create attractive gift packaging surprises. This low investment business will help you put your craft ideas to the best use and moreover, help you earn money.

You can start the gift-wrapping business from any corner of your home; you just will require a large working station and a few materials, to begin with. Like any other business, gifting also has its peak season, hence during peak season when there are a lot of orders coming in; you can either change your garage, attic or any other storage space at home at your workstation. There is another option if your house is small and too cramped up you can always go the client’s house and wrap gifts. Nowadays there are mobile vans, which also could be used to work as well as deliver the wrapped gifts to your clients.

As mentioned above the peak season it is mainly during birthday, anniversaries, wedding season, festive seasons and holidays. Running the business is not only your motive. Promoting it will be too. By promoting your business during the peak season will help you gain customers all around the year. The gift wrapping business needs to be advertised well before the start of the peak season. One can use Internet – Social media, have a WordPress website, put creative posters in shops and use the technique of word of mouth to gain customers in the market.

Ideas to Start the Gift Wrapping Business

The best part about starting this business is that one needs to invest the little amount of money. Supplies needed for gift-wrapping are not very expensive. For starters one can:

  • Obtaining various gift wrapping papers including various colours, designs, patterns, etc. As people have different choices and tastes. They should find it easy to choose from the collection you have.
  • Obtaining wrapping paper for various occasions likes children wrapping paper, business gifts paper, wrappers with religious motifs, cute designs, etc.
  • You can store the supplies or a gift store or even a craft store as they would have the variety you need.
  • Other materials like scissors, glue, tape, name tags, ribbon.
  • At times the gifts to be wrapped might be fragile, hence you can keep boxes and paper to secure the gift.
  • In order to stand out from the existing competition, you have to be different. For example, in place of name tags, you can create some handmade cards.

Starting a gift-wrapping business is fairly easy. But creativity and hard work is the key for your business to succeed, also gaining customers during the peak season will help your business boom in no time.

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Home Based Business Ideas For You

Are you looking for some money making activity being at home? Nowadays many housewives, students, retired persons search for business ideas for earning money by starting home based business in their extra time. Home based businesses are regarded as the quickest way to start a business.


Being a retired person or housewife, you can start a business after providing ample time to your family. You know that every person has a specific talent and you can use that talent to earn money and also self-respect. You can do this from the comfort of your house. You will need economic and marketing planning.

Some of the home based business ideas

Candle Making

The business of candle making can be started with fewer budgets. The saleability and customer demand for perfumed and ornamented candles make a massive business chance for unconventional startups. People buy candles not only for religious purpose but also to decorate and scent their homes and business areas on special occasions. The colorful scented candles lit up the rooms and make it eye-soothing.  This business is immensely used by entrepreneurs to earn extra income and also full-time income.

Chocolate Making

Candy making business is an impressive way to turn your skill and hobby into money making process. Homemade candies are easy to make and they are quite sought-after products. Children, as well as adults, indulge into candies like lollipops, jelly bean, rock candy, sugar swizzle sticks, gummy and chewy candy, candy scoops,bite size candy, and bulk chocolates. It is a fantastic idea; you can take into consideration to turn your hobby into a profitable home based business.

Gift Packing

If you are interested in beautiful crafts then gift packing will feed your fascination towards home based business. You can start your business from your home. As you are starting from your home, this will help you in cutting short the extra expenses like re-modelling, office space, utilities, permits, etc. Having a computer and an internet connection will help you build your home based business as you can advertise your business in social media.

Good communication skills are need as you will have to interact with your customers in phone and emails. You must have an eye for décor and glitter schemes, time management, motivation, organisation, and being able to work with different personalities. You can start this business with friends and family as clients.

Soap Making

Handmade soaps are preferred by many. You can earn good amount of money considering your place, the allure and quality of your product. Even the process of making soaps is flexible. It can be easily monitored to meet your customers’ needs. You should have the knowledge about the herbs and their characteristics.

Moreover, handmade soaps have real advantages over the ones sold commercially. The major advantage is that handmade soaps don’t have harmful chemicals. Rather handmade soaps have natural moisturiser released from vegetable oils.

Flower Making

It is for those who love doing crafts using paper, ribbons and tissue. Tissue flowers are famous for their ability to last long and the ease to use. Flowers, made up of tissue and ribbon, are used for decorating homes, wedding ceremonies, parties and offices for special occasions. This doesn’t need much investment of money except for buying supplies like colorful papers, tissue, ribbons, pins, plastic, clothes, etc. This will give you a fine opportunity to use your spare time effectively.

Business needs commitment, hard work and some marketing skills to become successful, whether the business is large scale or home-based. Nowadays social media is a great way to give pace to your home based business because contacts are also important for the growth of the business.

Home based business enables those who doesn’t have high qualifications but has a talent that can be explored with business ideas. People like housewives approach for home based business ideas like chocolate making, candle making, gift packing, soap making and flower making.With time, they build up a powerful clientele and a successful business. You can use low cost or free service to save your capital.

You can join professional groups to gain further knowledge about a particular business. The income from these home based businesses marks the further growth of the venture, thus making you more financially independent and also you will gain better lifestyle.

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